T1DAL clinical trial for type 1 diabetesThe T1DAL study (Inducing Remission in New-onset Type 1 Diabetes with Alefacept) tested whether an investigational drug called alefacept (also called Amevive®) was able to slow or halt the destruction of insulin-producing beta cells in newly-diagnosed type 1 diabetes patients. Alefacept is a biologic that inhibits the activation of T-cells, which are known to be important mediators in the pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune diseases.  

T1DAL, a phase II clinical research trial, enrolled 49 participants aged 12 to 35.  Two-thirds of the patients were randomized to receive alefacept, and the other third were randomized to placebo.  Twelve months from the start of the study, patients underwent a mixed meal tolerance test to measure the C-peptide response (a measure of insulin production).

Additional information on the T1DAL trial is available on clinicaltrials.gov ›